Silicone Pouch


The official Outlery silicone pouch to go with your Cutlery/Full sets

Color: Whale Blue

  • Designed to fit and protect your Outlery travel cutlery set.
  • Wrapped with a neat zip lock around the edge.
  • Will minimize the sound that Outlery set makes when your car hits a bump or when you shake your purse.

The official Outlery silicone pouch to go with your Cutlery/Full sets

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Based on 56 reviews
It is good but for the wrong reason

It is a high quality silicone case that works very well and is perfect. But I use it for my jade gua sha as I prefer to have my outlery in the metal box. Easier to find where everything is. However, the case is amazing at protecting thin stone plates and will do even better job for the outlery set!

Rawaq Alsaffar
I really like it a lot! But…

It’s a nice pouch, protects the outlery box well inside the bag and protects the other stuff that would be around it

But I just wish they would consider a space for the straw. I know it’s not a main thing but it’s needed.

Mitchiko Tiongson
Good pouch and utensils

We love the Outlery cutlery/utensils. It's compact and the silicone pouch was good to hold the Outlery container and kept it safe. We used it when we went out of town and ate at the restos.

Claudia Columbo

Really useful

Lukáš Konečný

Silicone Pouch

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