the world's smallest cutlery set!


It all started with a thought

Imagine a plastic spoon you used in 1970.

Well, the spoon has been around for 48 years and will stay here for your next ten generations!

It has already entered our food chain and is hurting our marine life.

& ended up selling
50,000 pieces on crowdfunding

How To Use?

1. Keep it close

Outlery is portable & light-weight. It fits in your pocket & goes where you go!

2. Kill some time

Waiting for your food? Or waiting for it to cool down? Kill some time by putting the pieces together!

3. Enjoy your food guilt free!

All set? With Outlery, you can enjoy your food and fight plastic at the same time!

Convenient to clean

Done with your food? Just dip your cutlery in water and wipe it with a cloth or tissue and you're good to go!

Customer Reviews

"The rose gold looks great. The quality seems good. The carrying case is a nice size to just pop in my purse."

- Randi Montagna Sacco

Making a buzz!

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