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You Build What You Eat With

This is something I've wanted for a long time: durable utensils that are portable and space-saving as it says. And to have it all packed into a small tin to avoid further abuse inside my storage bags makes it all the more reasonable to purchase.


Does the jobs of a spoon & a fork …

Deep & Vibrant Colour

I love the deep and vibrant colour, and the way it keeps my tin looking shiny and new, and keeps everything safe inside as it bashes around in my bag everyday.

It can be a little fiddly at times - I’m not sure if a slightly deeper zip would help, but otherwise very handy. I hope the other colours come back into stock soon - I wanted a couple of colours that weren’t available and I’ve checked a few times and still nothing! Looking for excuses to buy more sets tbh haha.

Spork Head

Spork Head

Stretch, Sip, Squeeze, Stow

The intention and design behind the straw is the reason I chose to get this. In past experiences with other sorts of straws that were designed to be reusable, this helped a lot because it maintains its form without the extra bulk of a container to hold it in.

Good product

Such a smart product. A little bit expensive and sometimes it doesn’t stay fix, but it is still a very good product. Recommended!

Great accessory

The pouch adds some colour and style, protects the carrying tin, and also provides some additional security by preventing the can from piping open. Highly recommended.



Great items! Disappointing Customer Service.

These items are great! I get a kick out of people's reaction in food industry when I tell them that I don't need a straw, I have my own! I and my significant are truly enjoying our outlery kits. Outlery tells me that I've had my full set for at least 64 days. More than 64 days ago, I sent an email inquiring about other accessories, namely, the TSA compliant knife head. Now my travel time is upon me and I never received any reply whatsoever.

Works quite well, and fits nicely in my tin.

While it is a little hard to clean on the go, just a little water and a blow sets that straight. This works really well.


Used it on my trip. It held all the flatware from the compaany including the straw.

beautifully made

love my new cutlery: super-convenient for pocket or purse, lovely weight in the hand, and beautiful to look at. I'm buying more for the rest of the family.


Love it!!…Its very useful, I have it with me everywhere I go...

So handy

The perfect set for travel. Packable, easy to clean, easy to use. Highly recommend.

Love it

Love the quality of the set and love the colour too 😍

Good job!

A very nice set of cutlery, very useful. I can recommend it

Outlery Set
Excellent Product

Received the product in good condition.

Love it!

I used to use plasticware every day at work to eat my lunch. I saw a review of the Outlery cutlery set on Sorted, and knew I had to have it. Now I feel much better knowing that I am not contributing to the plastic disaster anymore. I bought the complete set, plus the straw and silicone case. The quality of everything is exceptional. Just the weight in my hand feels comforting knowing that it will probably last me the rest of my life, and I love the biodegradable packaging! Thank you for bringing this to market. I tell everyone I know about it, and try to get them on board to help stop all the waste in the world. Now we just need to work on plastic packaging!

Cool Way of Eating

I was actually eating meze snacks with my outlery fork when I got this mail. I usually don't write reviews, yet this product earned it. It is both cool and practical. 👌

great product

and very pretty

Nothing to Complain About

Good strong, sturdy build. Easy to assemble. Nowhere near as fiddly as I thought it would be. Also you totally don't need to use all connections if you can't be bothered.

Nice addition

Fits pre-existing handles also fit in box. Nice add on to the set.

Junior eat set

Very thought out and near perfect


love it! super easy to use and clean 😍 i super love the design and color

My silicone pouch

I love my silicone pouch I purchased an extra one to use it for money because I really love it. I recommend it to protect your cutlery,