From the time we wake up in the morning to going back to bed, our life is full of decisions; big and small. Some of these decisions lead to actions that when done repeatedly by the society, lead to irrevocable damages. One such action is the use of single-use plastics in our daily life. This excessive use single-use plastics is silently wreaking havoc in our life by damaging marine life, polluting the air and contaminating our food chain.

Outlery was created with a mission to minimize the use of plastics. 40 Billion plastic forks and spoons are consumed in the US every single year. Imagine the plastic fork you used for 5 minutes to eat your lunch yesterday will be here for your next 10 generations!
Together we can make a difference. Every time you open the lid of your Outlery set, you save plastic cutlery landing in our oceans and landfills.

Let's #EatResponsibly because small actions done consistently can make a big change.

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