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5 Super Quick Healthy On the Go Breakfast Recipes

Amidst the morning rush, most of us are on a tight schedule. So usually the first thought is to skip the early meal. But breakfast is crucial for your wellbeing, giving you an instant energy jolt to stay alert and productive throughout the day. 

Luckily, simple on-the-go morning breakfast recipes are perfect for hectic hours.

You can easily cook them within minutes and selecting the right ingredients can serve as a healthy start to your day.

In this blog post, we’ll share 5 super quick grab-and-go breakfast recipes to try out this summer!

Tips for On the Go Breakfasts:

  • Just as you need healthy ingredients, you should also choose the right utensils for on-the-go meals. Buy a reusable and easily washable stainless steel container to carry your breakfast.
  • Similarly, invest in a set of authentic plastic-free cutlery. For instance, Outlery spoons and forks are thoughtfully crafted using special long-lasting steel - free from harmful elements.
  • Avoid eating sugary cereals - no matter how appealing they look and taste. 
  • Select whole-grain items. Diet rich in fiber improves digestion and keeps things flowing down there. For instance, oatmeals, barley, and brown bread.
  • Antioxidant foods are a great choice for quick breakfast recipes. They strengthen the immune system and effectively defend your body against diseases while you’re outdoors.

Now let’s check out some quick delicious morning recipes for early frantic hours.  

1. Fruit bowl with yogurt

Rise and shine with a mouthwatering mix of yogurt and fruits!

This cooling combo bowl is packed with essential nutrients and soothes your aching sweet tooth in the morning.

Yogurt contains probiotics necessary for smooth digestion, while most fruits are rich in antioxidants. Both boost your immunity and keep you safe from infections. 

It’s the perfect grab-and-go meal for office folks or moms with a tight morning schedule and takes barely a few minutes to prep.


¾ cup flavored or unflavored yogurt

Any seasonal fruits such as apples, peaches, pear, grapes, berries, etc.

1 tablespoon organic honey 

Pinch of Citrus zest

¼ teaspoon flaxseeds or sunflower seeds (optional)


Mix the fruits, honey, and yogurt in a bowl. Add citrus zest as a topping. You can also sprinkle some flax seeds or sunflower seeds for a crunchy texture.

Read the original recipe and nutrition facts here.

2. Strawberry banana smoothie

Drinking cool smoothies make sweltering summer mornings slightly more bearable - don’t they?

The core ingredients of smoothies are fruits and veggies. Both contain huge proportions of water - an excellent way to replenish lost water because of dehydration. 

So what’s special about strawberry banana smoothies? 

Bananas are known to aid weight loss, benefit your heart health, and improve digestion. Strawberries are packed with antioxidants, balance cholesterol, reduce cancer risk, and energize your body.

In short, these fruits are perfect summer grab-and-go breakfast ingredients. Plus, they are a healthy alternative to sugar-filled juice boxes, brimming with preservatives.

You can make strawberry banana smoothies during the morning rush in under 15 minutes. Let’s get right to it. 

Pro tip: Adding a few cups of yogurt makes the shake more fulfilling!


1 ½ cup strawberries

½ cup sliced bananas 

1 cup milk

½ cup yogurt (optional)

1 teaspoon flaxseeds 


Mix all ingredients except flax seeds into a blender and mix until they form a smooth shake. Pour in a flask, add the seeds, and enjoy while you’re outdoors. 

Here’s the original recipe.

3. Vegan avocado toast

If you’re searching for super quick vegan on-the-go breakfast recipes, this one is for you. 

Vegan avocado toast is a scrumptious addition to your morning diet. It’s not only easy to prepare but leaves you satisfied till lunch. It’s rich in fiber and essential fats that recharge you on the way to work.


4 slices of Toast

1 avocado

Salt to taste

¼ teaspoon of chili flakes

½ lemon juice

½ teaspoon onion and garlic powder


Toast the slices in a toaster and mash the pitted avocado. Add lemon juice, garlic, and onion powder to the avocado paste and mix it well. Using a spoon, spread the mixture evenly on all slices. Add the salt and top it with chili flakes.

Pro tips:

  • If you like a more crunchy base, try double toasting the slice.
  • You can also leave a few chunks of avocado instead of mashing it completely. 
  • Non-vegans can add eggs, tomatoes, cilantro, and cheese for an enriching flavor.

Check out a slightly different version of this recipe here.

4. Tomato toast with ricotta cheese

Savour the weather with this amazing super healthy on-the-go breakfast recipe!

It’s a flavourful indulgence, made with a mixture of summer fruits and tasty whipped ricotta cheese, placed on a crunchy toast base.

Tomatoes are one of the key delights of sizzling summers, offering an ample amount of juice and vitamins. They are popularly known for their anticancer compounds. The acidic nature of this red/yellow fruit adds wonders to any breakfast meal. 


2-3 toast slices

½ cup ricotta cheese

½ cup sliced cherry tomatoes

Salt to taste

½ teaspoon dried parsley


Toast the slices to make them crunchy. Spread ricotta cheese on top of the slices. Roast the tomatoes in a pan or add them directly to the ricotta spread without cooking. Sprinkle salt and dried parsley on top.

Et voila! You have the perfect summer healthy grab-and-go breakfast recipe to energise your morning. 

Try out the original recipe with macadamia ricotta here

5. Breakfast burrito

If you’re looking for an enriched grab-and-go recipe, a breakfast burrito would be your best option.

It’s an ideal quick recipe for rushed morning hours if you intend to skip lunch and want to remain full till evening. 

These rolls contain freezable ingredients. Take a few hours on weekend to fix delicious breakfast burritos for the week and store them at a cool temperature.

The best part is their long-lasting flavor and texture which won’t disappear even after reheating!

You can choose any healthy ingredients that you like. Here’s a version to add more vegetables to your breakfast:


¼ cup Spinach

½ cup potatoes

½ cup sliced onions

¾ cup ground chicken 

½ cup shredded Cheese

½ cup salsa sauce

Salt to taste

¼  teaspoon pepper

½  teaspoon parsley

6 Tortillas 


Cook the ground meat in a skillet until it’s tender. Then cook potatoes and spinach with salt and pepper. Finally lay down the tortillas in a dish, and fill ‘em up with the toppings. Wrap each tortilla in aluminum foil and freeze for the future.

Here’s another version of this recipe.

We hope you like our selection of quick super healthy and nutritious morning meals. Let us know your favorite on-the-go breakfast recipes in the comments below. 

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