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22 mind blowing plastic pollution facts and figures - 2021

The plastic you use either ends up in the environment or your body. Most of the plastic reaches oceanic water which is then distributed to agricultural lands or drinking water. It is also consumed by sea life, which then poisons humans. In both cases, it’s quite hazardous for the flora, fauna, and your wellbeing. 

If you’re still using plastic regularly, this blog will enlighten you with the harmful effects of plastic pollution on the environment and your health. 

  1. More than 380 million tonnes of plastic is produced yearly around the globe. 
  2. Since Coronavirus began in 2019, plastic pollution has increased up to 530 million tonnes. In other words, this figure was doubled in 2020.
  3. Every year, one American uses one plastic bag daily. In Denmark, about four plastic bags are used by each person.
  4. Almost 99% of plastic is produced by burning chemicals, oils, and gas. 
  5. About 40% of the global plastic consumption is by the packaging industry.
  6. Just one plastic bottle takes more than 400 years to decompose. They contain a compound called polyethylene terephthalate. It breaks down through photo degradation and is not biodegradable. In other words, it decomposes through the action of the sun and air. Despite that, it leaves behind abundant micro plastics which can be harmful to health. 
  7. Plastic cups decompose in almost 50 to 80 years. 
  8. Just 9% of the global plastic waste is recycled. The rest either end up in landfills or the oceans. 
  9. Every third fish caught and consumed by humans contains plastic.
  10. Micro plastic is even more disastrous for the environment than huge plastic pieces. Many everyday items include micro plastics such as facial exfoliants, tires, bottles, tubes, teabags, etc.
  11. China has the highest plastic pollution rate. It contributes to about 28% of global plastic pollution. 
  12. 80% of the debris in the environment is caused by plastic.
  13. Plastic poisoning is among the top contributors to cancers and serious infections. 
  14. When mixed with chlorine, the plastic turns hazardous to the soil. It is absorbed in the agricultural land and ultimately destroys the crops and ecosystem. 
  15. Germany has the best recycling system that makes use of almost 56% of the total waste. 
  16. The recycling rate noted in the USA in 2018 was 32%. 
  17. Making livestock feed releases 90% of the plastic because of fossils and gaseous emissions. 
  18. Plastic in the oceans has now been discovered in the Arctic by scientists. 
  19. Plastic straws are also huge contributors to pollution. People around the world use around 500 million straws per day. 
  20. Even tap water contains micro plastic! Almost 83% of the tap water sources are filled with micro plastic pollutants. 
  21. When tested, 90% of the Americans had a compound called BPA or Bisphenol A, which is found in everything used routinely including water bottles and food containers. 
  22. Every baby sea turtle is born with plastic inside them.


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