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14 mind blowing tips to spruce up your garden

Looking for budget-friendly fixes for a quick makeover of your home garden? Since gardens are where you spend your evenings reading a book, sipping morning tea, or just soaking in the sun, they should be immaculate, well-maintained, and impeccably pretty. 

Here are 14 amazing hacks to spruce up the backyard or front yard and become an instant garden guru:

1. Plant colourful flowers:

Do you want to make your paradise vibrant? The best thing to do is add more colourful flowers! Sunflowers, marigolds, daisies, geraniums, hydrangeas, and lilies are quite easy to grow and require the least maintenance. On the other hand, orchids, venus fly trap, gardenias, azaleas, and roses may be hard to grow but add incredible beauty to home gardens.

2. Add some herbs and veggies:

If you wish to go organic, you can also plant some beginner-friendly herbs and vegetables. You’ll have access to fresh, chemical-free foods right in your home. It’s also a cost-effective option in the long run and will save you tiring trips to the market.

3. Grow some trees:

Trees will also enhance the beauty of your home garden. Mango, peaches, eucalyptus, magnolia, neem, moringa, cypress, and banana trees are some of the best trees you can plant outdoors. Some will offer you seasonal fruits while others are evergreen. You can also hire a professional gardener for topiary or trimming the trees to certain shapes.

4. Add fairy lights to your fence:

Want to up your light game? Fairy lights will change the entire look of your small heaven. They offer a feminine elegance and are perfect for a romantic or warm ambiance.

5. Place lamps:

You can also select a few lamps to spruce up the place. If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the evening, lamps will be a great addition. Some people invest in solar lamps while others look for traditional designs. Be vigilant during their installation. It’s best to hire a professional to ensure safety. 

6. Splash of colour:

Yet another way to spruce up your garden is by painting or repainting your old pots. With time, they will lose their original colour. Add a splash of red, yellow, blue, and other popping colors to make your little paradise more attractive.

7. Remove weeds:

Removing weeds is integral to your plant’s growth. This stray growth can prevent your vegetables, herbs, and flowers to grow from a seed into a full-fledged plant. Primarily, they suck up the important nutrients from the soil.

8. Clean up dead plants:

Did you know dead plants and broken leaves are the perfect hiding spot for garden bugs? Start raking regularly or a few times weekly to prevent your plants from getting infected. You can turn healthy or un-diseased plants into compost. 

9. Hang a bird feeder:

If you or your family has an interest in watching birds, grab a bird feeder and hang it in a tree branch, a shelf, or just any sturdy place with no distractions. Place some water as well to help them quench thirst.

10. Build a path:

Pretty walkways further increase the beauty of home gardens. Paint a path yourself or with your little ones, from the garden entrance to a specific spot such as a patio.

11. Find some garden chairs & tables:

Speaking of patios, a garden isn’t complete without one. Place some wooden chairs and a table where you can sit with your family and friends for a cozy chat while sipping tea and munching cookies. Select a vase as a center-piece to add a touch of elegance!

12. Place a barbecue grill:

What’s better than adding a BBQ grill to your backyard? Enjoy a fun-filled evening with your friends and family in your beautiful and cozy garden.

13. Decorate with ornaments:

If you’re looking for extra decoration, you can add hanging ornaments, colourful snail shells, vibrant plant boxes, garden gnomes, animal sculptures, mini bonsai plants, and chimes to make your paradise stand out from the rest.

14. Set up a fountain:

Fountains are also one of the best things to spruce up a garden. While ready-made fountains can be hard on your pocket, there are several DIY fountains you can easily make at home using hoses, batteries, toy trees or grass, cement, and moulds. 

Hope you liked these incredible hacks for changing the look of your front/back yard! Let us know how you plan on doing your garden makeover in the comments below. 

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