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11 Easy Habits to Live Eco-friendly at Home

Looking for some healthy tips to enjoy an eco-friendly home?

If you’re new to sustainable living, you don’t need us to tell you how overwhelming it can be. You’re constantly worried about making the wrong choices and not knowing where to start from. 

But don’t worry. All you need to remember is that every little change matters in the long run. It’s okay to make mistakes. You’ll learn along the way.

Change begins at home. This is why the first thing you need to work on is altering your small habits. 

Here are a few simple habits you can start with to live eco-friendly at home.

1. Stop driving, start walking: Start walking instead of driving to reduce carbon emissions. It’s not only good for the climate but also your well-being!

2. Don’t throw away waste food: Utilise food waste instead of throwing it away. Making compost out of wasted food is a great way to minimise landfills and extra costs associated with labor, travel, land, and water.

3. Shop mindfully: Only buy products that carry proper certifications and are made sustainably. This includes items created in a cruelty-free manner, without causing harm to the natural fauna and only from organic sources.

4. Buy eco-friendly crockery/cutlery: If you often go out for camping or picnics, you might have a load of plastic spoons, forks, knives, plates, etc in your bag. Since you can’t reuse them, they are often dumped in large amounts. Sometimes they end up in the oceans. Avoid using such cutlery and instead, go for stainless steel items. They are washable and last for years. Give Outlery's eco-friendly cutlery a try!

5. Sort out your waste: If you’re not doing it already, it’s time to separate your garbage into three categories. Make sure you dump all organic stuff in one to create compost later on. Next, segregate hazardous materials such as batteries or chemicals from recyclable products, like plastic.

6. Conserve water: You must already be aware of the severe drought situation in different regions of the world. With the ever-increasing global warming, it’s critical now to save water for our future generations. Ensure you don’t waste water or pollute natural water resources with chemicals.

7. Avoid using plastic wraps: Plastic wraps and foils simply add to the pollution. A better option is to store your extra leftovers or lunches in glass, silicone, or steel containers. They are not only reusable and washable but also good for the environment.

8. Avoid using toxic products at home: Another useful habit for sustainable living is to get rid of all home products that lead to environmental pollution. This includes mattresses with high VOCs, fragrances, cleaning products, and even candles that are bad for the atmosphere.

9. Pay attention to your humidifiers: Did you know moist places are the perfect breeding grounds for moulds and microorganisms? If you don’t take proper care of your humidifiers, you might be unknowingly polluting the surroundings. It’s also crucial to invest in cool mist humidifiers because they’re a healthier option.

10. Drink from reusable cups: Coffee lovers - this is for you. Ditch all your plastic cups and have your morning coffee in reusable mugs. They are cuter, washable, and many of them are quite easy to carry around.

11. Use cloth diapers: Do you have a baby around? Buying diapers is a real hassle and adds to environmental pollution. Start making your diapers since they are comparatively cheaper and can be washed/re-used. 

We hope you liked these healthiest eco-friendly lifestyle ideas. You can easily incorporate these habits into your home. Just remember - switching to a plastic-free life doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient and take it one step at a time. 


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