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10 Enriching and Easy Summer Camping Recipes

Summer is here! This season magically awakens our wanderlust and urge to go outdoors, explore nature, and reconnect with the environment. And what’s a better way to do this than camping, eh?

No camping trip is complete without a sleeping bag, tent, and your very own portable Outlery kit with environment-friendly cutlery essentials.

But what truly makes camping memorable?

Your special summer camping recipes of course! Every family has certain traditional camping meals for the sweltering weather, cooked with love, nostalgia, and longing for deep midnight conversations with your friends and fam. 

So to add some flavour to this year’s adventures, these are the 10 popular and delicious summer camping recipes you should definitely add to your list. 

1. Sweet and spicy chicken kabobs 

This mouthwatering deliciousness is one of the best recipes for your next summer camping trip. If you plan on having a barbecue session, this sweet and spicy chicken kabob recipe is worth a try. 

The roasted chicken pieces, mixed in maple syrup and sriracha sauce, bring out a unique sticky flavor. Coupled with roasted veggies, this makes for a perfect nutritious summer foodie delight. 

Get the recipe here.

2. Eggs and Potatoes 

Packed with nutrients and flavor, this eggs and potatoes combo is a heavenly brunch recipe for your summer camping trip. It’s particularly useful for vegetarians or those who’re on a gluten-free diet. 

Check out this summer camping recipe for eggs and potatoes

3. Hot dogs with a twist

Plain ol’ hot dogs are a thing of the past! It’s time to try something new, fulfilling, and flavourful on your next camping adventure trip in summer.

Try this amazing recipe for hot dogs with cooked beans for a divine lunch in a natural environment. 

Don’t forget to use your plastic-free fork and spoon to try this mouthwatering camping meal.

Read the recipe here.

4. S’mores 

You didn’t think we’d leave out S’mores from summer camping recipes, did you? It’s so ridiculously simple to make - even if you’re going outdoors for the very first time! 

Roasted marshmallows and chocolate, sandwiched between graham crackers bring out an unforgettable flavor for your aching sweet tooth. You’ll remember it for days - along with the memorable campfire chats with your friends and family. 

Check out this easy S’mores summer camping recipe. 

 5. Grilled burgers

If you’re inviting a huge party with kids in the upcoming summer camping adventure, you can’t go wrong with classic grilled burgers. It’s one of the easiest and best outdoor summer camping meals passed on to generations, with a few variations in sauces and flavours. 

This mouthwatering burger recipe is sure to curb your appetite after an adventurous morning or noon.

6. Sausage veggie hash

This hearty hash is a perfectly balanced delicacy for campers. Whether you’re looking for a healthy and easy summer recipe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this fulfilling sausage veggie mix gives you an instant energy boost!

Give this recipe a try.

7. Mint Lemonade

For an enjoyable summer camping trip, you should stay hydrated. And there’s nothing more refreshing than a big glass of mint lemonade - a tasty combo of lemon juice, mint leaves, lemon zest sprinkles, and a splash of icy cold water.

Try this crazy good camping recipe for summers.

8. Grilled corn 

How can we forget everyone’s favorite grilled corn on the cob! You can make a whole ton of different variations in this recipe based on the taste and flavour you desire.

Whether you like it with a dash of salt and pepper, a smear of butter, or a mix of spices and chilli, grilled corn won’t disappoint your intense snack cravings.

Here’s a mouthwatering summer camping corn recipe with basil and lime.

9. Beef patty with veggies

This particular camping recipe for summers is super easy and requires minimal effort after an adventurous day.

Pre-made frozen beef patties can be cooked on the campfire while you boil thinly sliced carrots and potatoes in a large water-filled pot. Sprinkle it with your favourite spices and you’re good to go!

Try this simple yet tasty camping recipe.

10. Popcorn

Did you know you can make popcorn in a campfire? And they’re even better than the ones in a microwave!

Add flavours of your choice such as jalapeños, cheese sauce, chilli powder, lime, salt and pepper, or butter to make it even more mouthwatering. 

Go ahead and add this super easy popcorn summer camping snack to your list.

So there you have it - 10 delicious summer camping meals for foodies that you can enjoy in warm weather. Kick your camping trips up a notch with these easy camping recipes and make them more memorable than ever!

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