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11 Easy Habits to Live Eco-friendly at Home
Check out these amazing sustainable lifestyle hacks you can incorporate into your daily routine to live eco-friendly at home.
22 mind blowing plastic pollution facts and figures - 2021

Plastic pollution is an enormous danger for you and the environment. Discover some latest shocking facts about plastic pollution. 

14 mind blowing tips to spruce up your garden
Check out these incredible and cheap hacks to spruce up your garden, make it greener, and more attractive than ever.
5 best nutritious lunch box ideas for adults that guarantee a quick energy boost

Inspiring nutritious lunch box ideas for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who wants to lose some weight! Quick to make & packed with energy. 

7 amazing health benefits of living a green lifestyle
Did you know going green has tons of benefits for your mind, body, and soul? Learn how a green lifestyle can change your life!
22 famous motivational quotes about sustainability & a green lifestyle

Need instant motivation to live a green lifestyle? These famous quotes about sustainability will inspire you to be pro climate change. 

7 best on-the-go vegan breakfast recipes

Bored of eating the same ol’ boring sandwiches? Try these scrumptious on the go vegan breakfast recipes!

9 best herbal teas for anxiety and stress
Tackle persistent stress, worries, and depression by drinking these 9 best herbal teas for anxiety relief.
5 Easy & Cost-Effective Ways You Can Make Your Living Room Eco-friendly

Want to make your living space healthy for you and the environment? Try these sustainable ways for an eco-friendly living room.

8 cooling healthy on-the-go snacks for summer

Refreshing and packed with nutrients, these healthy on-the-go summer recipes will freshen up your day! Try these mouthwatering summer snacks this year!

22 best quotes on living a healthy lifestyle

Here’s a list of the most inspirational quotes on healthy lifestyles by famous people to motivate you to be the best you!

5 ways you can help keep our oceans clean
Follow these responsible hacks to take care of our oceans, keep them clean, and protect our natural habitats from lasting damage.
13 Celebs Committed to Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda, Jessica Alba, and many other celebrities are dedicated to living green. Here are some tips for a sustainable lifestyle. 

9 quick & easy healthy lunch box ideas for kids
Preparing daily lunch for school kids can be challenging. Here are a few healthy lunch box ideas you can try with ingredients at home
8 perfect indoor plants to purify bedroom air
Improve the air quality and clean away the toxins by adding these must-have aesthetically pleasing houseplants in your bedroom.
Plastic cutlery is killing our water animals & it must stop
Loads of plastic cutlery are dumped on land and in water every year. Here’s how plastic waste is killing marine wildlife like turtles, fish, and seabirds.
20 sustainable ways to enjoy a responsible hike

Here’s a list of many sustainable and eco-friendly tips for your next hiking adventure. Be kind to your environment, avoid throwing trash, and take care of wildlife. 

10 Enriching and Easy Summer Camping Recipes

A selection of the best summer camping recipes for foodies! These easy camping recipes for summer outdoor activities are a must-try for your next adventure.

5 tips to live eco-friendly on a budget
How to live eco-friendly on a budget? Here are the best sustainable tips to go plastic-free at your home without spending big!
5 Super Quick Healthy On the Go Breakfast Recipes
Looking for nutritious on-the-go breakfast recipes? Try these simple healthy morning meals for grab and go!