the world's
smallest cutlery set!

plastic-free | reusable | forking awesome


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it all started with a thought to replace single-use cutlery

... and ended up stopping 200,000+ pieces from being used every single day

All with the help of 40,000+ amazing supporters from around the world.

How Does It Work

Outlery is portable and designed to be your pocket-sized partner for life.


1. It goes where you go

Measuring just 4.1 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches, Outlery fits perfectly in your pocket and goes where you go.


2. Assembles in seconds

Assembling it is easy. Each piece is CNC milled and screws in seamlessly to perfection.


3. Enjoy your food guilt free!

And once you are done with your meal, just pour some water and wipe it clean with a napkin before storing it back in the tin box.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

"Im super happy with how it looks, nice color, easy to screw in, everything fits nicely in the box. I just took it with me on a little picnic and it’s really good🌿"

"WOW! Yay from Austria!! My sets have arrived!!! I love the way they look and feel, and the blue color is gorgeous! I think I’m going to want to order the regular knife heads too."

"First, I want to thank the team at Outlery for their hard work. I have received my kit here in southern Sweden - and I love it! It's without a doubt the most compact and portable BYO cutlery kit I've ever seen!"


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Outlery Making A Buzz!

“Smaller than an Altoids container, this collapsible cutlery set makes having your own fork, knife, and spoon on-hand as convenient as possible.”

- Forbes

“This sleek, reusable cutlery set can fit right inside your pocket”

- Inhabitat

“Outlery feels like a particularly needed invention, given the amount of single-use plastic cutlery takeaway food outlets can get through.”

- The National

“This looks a lot more premium … I like the simplicity, I like the way it looks and feels so it’s a Kickstarter”

- SORTEDfood